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There's nothing in the world like your Grandmother's cooking.  On a rural farm in Irondale, AL, where my siblings and I learned how to pick corn and tomatoes and to ride bikes with our cousins.  Life was simple.  Long summer afternoons were spent snapping peas into stainless steel bowls on the shaded back porch.  Dinners were a feast and my favorite seat was in the kitchen, literally.  It was on the stool, under that old chalk board just beside the old rotary phone.  I could watch her cook for hours.


  Our Grandmother's applesauce cake was a prized dessert in our family.  She used to make applesauce from the sun-kissed apple trees in the orchard on the property.  The apples were small and hard and not very pretty, but when you bit in to them, they were sweet and tasty.  As children, my sister and I would often help Granny collect the apples from the trees.  Most of the time we would eat them straight from the tree.  Only the ones that made it back to the house and into the kitchen were used to make Granny's homemade applesauce to create her one of a kind

applesauce cake.  

Once perfected, our spiced applesauce waffles were born from the same 'charm' and are Simply Amazing! 

With love,


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